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A Bit About Us

Since 2004, Precision Piano Services has provided quality piano tuning and maintenance services to clients throughout Chicago and its suburbs. Our services are available to individuals, families, schools, religious institutions, recording studios, and performance venues (and anyone else with a piano!). Owners Anika and Mike Byrley each bring over a decade of experience as piano technicians to every piano we service.


Anika Byrley, RPT

Owner/Registered Piano Technician

Anika started tuning pianos while pursuing her master's degree in oboe performance at DePaul University. She initially apprenticed with Steven J. Wilson. Years of field experience and regular participation in Piano Technician's Guild seminars and conventions inform her broad knowledge and understanding of pianos. Anika is also a skilled pianist herself. She holds music degrees from DePaul University, Capital University and the Kodaly Institute in Kecskemet, Hungary.


Mike Byrley, RPT

Owner/Registered Piano Technician

Mike has been tuning and servicing pianos since 2003. His experience includes three years working for Illinois' largest piano dealer, preparing new and used pianos for delivery in addition to regular field service/tunings. He is also familiar with digital player systems. Mike is an active member of the Piano Technician's Guild, and works continually to expand and hone his expertise. He holds a degree in vocal performance from Capital University.

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