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Additional Services

Tuning is the most recognizable service we provide, but far from the only one. If you think your piano needs more than tuning, you're right! Read more below about what we can do to make your piano a joy to play and hear. 

Piano Tuning

Action Regulation

A piano with uneven touch or poor response from the keyboard isn't enjoyable to play, and can be a source of frustration for students. 

Regulating a piano's action (the moving parts between the keys and the hammers which strike the strings) involves making a series of intricate adjustments to the action of each key so that the touch and response of the instrument is uniform over the length of the keyboard. A properly regulated action allows the player to better control the piano -- and the music.

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Tuning takes care of the pitch of the strings, and regulation addresses the feel of the keys, but what about the piano's tone? The "voice" of a piano can be bright, mellow, muffled, harsh, soft, deep, clear,...the list goes on. Factors ranging from the variety of felt that the piano's hammers are made of to the type of furniture and flooring in the room all affect instrument's final sound. By making very slight modifications to the hammers and strings in a piano (and occasionally to the action as well), we can affect the piano's tone in order to make it more pleasing to both the pianist and the listener.

Key Repair


Squeaky pedal? Sticking key? Broken string? Mysterious clicks, rattles, and buzzes? Keys that just plain don't work? There are literally thousands of parts in a piano, and they don't always work as they should. We will fix or replace broken or malfunctioning parts so that your piano functions properly.

Antique Piano


If you own a piano, you know that it's not just a musical instrument - it's also a piece of furniture with a (likely) prominent place in the room. No matter how clean you'd like to keep things, however, there are places in a piano that just can't be reached using conventional cleaning methods. We use specialized tools and techniques to clean the strings, keys, pedals, plate, soundboard (under the strings), cabinet, and the inside of the piano.


Climate Control

Extremes in humidity, as well as seasonal changes in humidity, wreak havoc on both a piano's tuning stability and its overall condition. Too much moisture can lead to rusted strings and hardware, and a dry environment can be just as dangerous -- leading to severe cracks in the pinblock and soundboard.

We offer professionaly installed Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver systems, which regulate a piano's immediate environment, protect against these extremes and improve the instrument's tuning stability from season to season. 

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