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Tuning & Complete Care for

Students & Musicians


Who is this service for?

Active musicians and students of all ages need a piano that responds well to the energy they put into it. Keys that don’t function at their best can impose a limit on musical expression and hinder a student’s progress.  In this 2-hour appointment, we'll approach the servicing of your piano by giving attention to the whole instrument, not just tuning. This will ensure that your piano is a joy to both play and hear.

What's Included?

​All of our Tuning & Complete Care appointments include an expert fine tuning. In addition, we'll spend time on other services based on your piano's particular needs:

  • Thorough evaluation of your piano's condition and needs (we can skip this if we've done this for you previously)

  • Fine Tuning 

  • Light Cleaning

  • Fix sticking or poorly working keys and adjust pedals

  • Touch-up regulation (makes playing easier)

  • Touch-up voicing (makes your piano "sing")


Just want a tuning​? Click Here.

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